Dist Ahmednagar, 414102 (Maharashtra)
[ Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University ]
Id No. PU/AN/AC/10 - PUN Code- CAAA016320


About Library

The Library is well equipped with reference books, textbooks, journals, periodicals and newspapers, etc. The Library provides academic facilities such as Library services, reading room, study room, book bank scheme to the students, staff and alumni.

For the development of the Library, we have Library Committee that works throughout the academic year. The Library receives the funds from the college budget and UGC grants.

At present, the Library is computerized & OPAC is made available to readers. The readers of Library are 2785 in numbers and 39737 books in the Library. So the student Library book ratio is more than 14 books per student. The Library has arranged The lectures for newcomers. The lectures focus on the all over information about the importance of the Library, access of the Library i.e. Library facilities and Library activities to attract the students to the Library and to make them aware of the new concept of readership.

To attract the students to the Library, The Library Department arrange display of books or jackets of new arrivals in the showcase. The reading room remains from open from 7.30 am to 5.30 pm. The capacity of reading room is seventy seats. Thus the Library Facilities with the good reading atmosphere in the Library promote the reading culture among the students and staff.


# Name Designation
1 Shri. Guldagad K.D. Librarian
2 Shri. Avhad A.S. Library Clerk
3 Mrs. Palve S.E. Lib. Attendant
4 Shri. Magar A.B. Lib. Attendant
5 Shri. Datir H.R. Lib. Attendant
6 Shri. Bhadake S.P. Lib. Attendant
7 Shri. Wagh D.V. Lib. Attendant
8 Shri. Khedkar A.M. Lib. Attendant


  • Circulation
  • Reference
  • Reprography
  • Internet
  • Clipping
  • Inter-Library Loan
  • Information Display
  • Computer and Printing
  • Referral Service
  • Career Guidance


1 Text & Other Books 34043
2 Reference Books 5694
3 Book Titles 22819
4 Magazines 53
5 News Papers 15
6 CDs and DVDs 234
7 Bound Volumes 470
8 E-Books 300000+
9 E-Journals 10000+
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