Dist Ahmednagar, 414102 (Maharashtra)
[ Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University ]
Id No. PU/AN/AC/10 - PUN Code- CAAA016320


•Department Profile

This department is known as a major department of the college. The department of Hindi was established at the time of the establishment of the college in 1966. Since the establishment, Hindi Language and Literature are being taught and studied at the department.

Hindi, as a graduate subject, was taught at general level since the establishment of the department. It is being taught at special level also since 2006, through which students from rural area of Pathardi and around are provided with facilities to learn Hindi Language and Literature. Number of students from this department, after getting degrees, has been contributing in various fields such as education, politics, administration and social work. Apart from teaching the prescribed syllabus, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and programs are organized by the department for students’ exhaustive development. Competitions such as Oratory Competition, Essay Writing Competition are organized to develop students’ language skills and poetry recitation, storytelling, dramatization competitions to develop literary test among them.

The future plan of the department is to create the facilities of teaching and learning the subject at postgraduate level. Along with this, the plan in the field of research is to do comparative study of Marathi and Hindi regional literature under the Major Research Project. The department has organized three national level seminars successfully.

Well known writer of Hindi, Prof. Ratanlal Sonagra and a famous teacher Prof. B. C. Maindargi have worked at the department. Dr. Baban Chaure is the head of the department. He has completed two Minor Research Projects.

• Faculty

# Name Designation Qualifications
1 Dr Baban A Choure Head & Associate Professor M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D. SET

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