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Welcome to Babuji Avhad Mahavidyalaya, Pathardi, Dist Ahmednagar!!!


Department Profile

Nowadays Geography is the subject of unique and wide significance. It is always tried successfully to make the human life more effortless and accessible with the application of Geographic principles and theories in the field of society, education, industrialization, politics and soldiery.

The department of geography is established in 1966. Geography is taught in the college at general level. In order to create interest about the subject among the students and to make them understand the basic concept related to the subject, the department organizes various programs and activities. To make teaching- learning process easier, comprehensive and effective, audio-visual aids and modern technologies are used.

To inculcate the knowledge of subject among the students practical exam, group discussion, guest lectures are organized. Carrier guidance lectures are organized to make students aware of the carrier opportunities in the field of Geography such as GPS and G.I.S. Department always initiates the activities for Environment awareness and nature conservation.

To share the update knowledge of the subject among the student, the Head of Department Assistant Professor B.J.Darade actively participates in national and international seminars.


No. Name Designation Qualifications
1 Prof Bramhanand J Darade Head & Assistant Professor M.A., NET